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Terms and Conditions

By using this website, you are agreeing that you will be bound by these terms of service, and our privacy policy. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms, do not use or access this website.

Services and Terms

​Learn the Dish Inc., (“the Company”) provides access to (“the website”) freely to the public, and may collect data about users’ activities and searches on the website. The Company may limit access to the website to any person, at any time, for any reason. 

The content on the website is provided to inform the user about recipes and foods which the user may want to recreate at home. The company provides the information on recipes, but does not guarantee the quality or accuracy of any recipes. Should the user attempt to recreate any recipe or activity seen on the website, the company will not be in any way responsible for any injury or damage caused to the user as a result. 


Fees and Payments

The company provides all services on the website for free, but retains the right to charge for any services in the future without notice. The company also reserves the right to use third party advertising on the website. The company will not be held responsible for any content displayed by third party advertisers who may advertise on the website. 

Registering to use the Services

You must be of the age of majority to sign up for an account on the website, and / or to comment. 


Third Party Data Charges

You acknowledge and agree that use of the website may incur data charges from your mobile or internet service provider. It is your responsibility to pay such fees, and the company will not be responsible for any fees incurred while using the website.


Governing Law

The company is a legally registered Canadian corporation which does business in the Province of Ontario. Any disputes with the company will be resolved under the jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario. 


Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Personal Information
The company may collect personal information to improve the experience of the user on the website. Personal information which may be collected include: name, address, email address, phone number, city of residence, age, gender, and social media handles.

The company does not sell your personal information to third parties, however your data may be accessible to third parties including the website’s web hosting company (Wix) and third party advertisers who may display ads on the website. 

Employees are strictly prohibited from accessing or disclosing personal information without authorization. 


​The company may be required to disclose your personal information in the event that a court order or other legal means is used to require the company to disclose that information. 


​Usage and Aggregate Data
The company may use aggregated data for marketing and testing purposes, and may share aggregated data with third parties without prior notice to users. 

​Data Retention
The company will retain user data so long as users are active on the website. Should a user wish for their data to be deleted, they may request to have their data deleted by contacting the company at the information provided in these terms. Should a user wish to be given their data, they may request to have their data given to them by contacting the company at the information provided in these terms. The company reserves the right to alter any data which it reasonably believes is incorrect, or as it may be required to do so by law. 


Any user with questions about these terms may contact the company by emailing the below address:

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