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Preserving cultural identity through food

Our Mission

To preserve cultural identity by documenting how
ethnic cuisine is meant to be cooked.

Nothing ever tastes as good as grandma’s cooking. Whether it’s homemade pasta, dumplings, hummus, kebab, or any dish you salivate thinking about. The trouble is, when you’re part of a diaspora, preserving cultural know-how can be challenging. Especially so the longer your family has been away from your heritage. 

We want to make it easier. At Learn the Dish, we believe in the awesome power of food, and see the solution to preserving cultural identity as beginning with sharing recipes from back home. We want to help you learn, and collectively remember, the dishes your grandmother (Medz Mamma) made back home, just the way she did.

With your help, we will document and create a comprehensive collection of these recipes, which will one day turn into a resource for future generations. 

Our Story

Ani Headshot.png
Stephen Headshot.png

Ani and Stephen met at the University of Toronto, while both studying business, and became fast friends. In 2021, while catching up, Ani began ranting about her lack of experience cooking proper Armenian food. In that moment, Learn the Dish was born. 

Ani is a photographer, entrepreneur and all-around food nut. She especially loves peanuts, meat, and everything Stephen doesn’t eat. Stephen is a law student, artist, and runner. He has yet to indicate what he’s running from.


Ani is our resident Armenian, and Stephen fills the role of the un-informed participant.

The two are searching the community for authentic Armenian recipes. In that search, they also often discover incredible new takes on these traditional favourites, which reflect the present of the Armenian diaspora in Toronto, and the great cultural mixing pot that is Canada. 

Join our community, learn recipes, learn about your culture, and share in our journey.

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