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Tahini Molasses with Lena Tashjian

‘This is what I like to call the Armenian version of peanut butter and jam.’ Lena Tashjian tells our producer as she sets up to show us her recipe for Tahini Molasses. This incredibly simple dish, which Lena used to have as a weekend treat with bread, has just two ingredients.

Lena’s version uses pomegranate molasses rather than the traditional grape molasses version. She showed us her recipe, more a work of art than a dip. Watch the video below.

Prepare and serve cold.


  • 2 parts tahini

  • 1 part grape or pomegranate molasses


  1. In a flat bowl, or deep plate, spoon out your desired amount of tahini.

  2. Drizzle the molasses on the top of the tahini in a spiral, drawing a design on the dish.

  3. Serve with bread to dip.

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